That Critique Process

November 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s the moment when in your rest deprived state, it’s all up on the wall. What you have done, how you’ve looked at things, how you’ve not looked at things, where you’ve been, where you have not been. While you have done what you could, and there’s clear progression– it’s always far too early.

Everyone has their own process, everyone has their own aesthetic, purpose and reasoning behind why they do things, but sometimes you can’t help but look at what someone else has done, how they’ve put things together, and you wonder what else you could have done, and why couldn’t you go that extra distance for things to look better.

I’ve heard someone saying that we’re not always aware of exactly how much we’ve been through, and it’s probably true for many aspects of our lives. When you’ve been steeped in your own psyche about your own issues and concerns for a long period of time, it gets hard to tell the trees from the forest, to step back and get a healthier perspective on things.

Hopefully it all works out. Hopefully all those good intentions, concepts and Utopian values get spelled out, because it’s on the wall now for all to see. While we should not be judging a person strictly on their work, we probably do anyways because from the little contact we come with him or her–that’s all we have. How they have talked about their work, what their end result was, and how you felt watching them do all that gets stored somewhere in the back of our minds of what we know of them.

There is never anything wrong with constructive criticism. It strives for progress, and it pushes us further, from where we could have gone just on our own. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to, or feel 100% comfortable doing class critiques, but it feels damn good when it all works out.


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