Means to Needs

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Need fuels our actions. Without need, there would be no reason to do anything. Needs are far and great, and they can vary on a case by case basis.

With need, means follows for it is the hand of need. How means acts is a reflection of the person we are because our daily expressions draw out our individuality.

When means cannot reach out for needs, it must innovate in order to be persistent in getting what it is after. If the goal is imperative, means will continue to work, giving meaning to the saying ‘innovation comes with need.’

If you truly believe that something is important, there will be a means will find a way. You will make time for it like finding time for a close friend, or to figure out the reasons for past failures in order to be successful in the future. The latter does involve humility and vulnerability to oneself though.

Means should not be narrow minded, as there are many variables present in life that it is easy to believe that all that there is to know to meet needs, is what one is aware of.

“To say ‘I wonder’ is to say ‘I question; I ask.’ The mind seeks. Sometimes it finds answers, sometimes it does not. We need wonder in order to keep moving and growing–to stay alive in the world. It gives us meaning and, in fact makes us human.”

— Marian Bantjes, I Wonder


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